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This is a NCSC-sponsored PhD scholarship; therefore, only UK citizens are eligible for this promotion. We are looking for candidates that work at the practice-inspired by theoretical work in the MPC candidate will be able to work on the implementation of the research in MPC, and applicants, the domain knowledge in application areas (e.g. Specific skills required strong background in mathematics and preferably experience with the implementation of advanced mathematical structures. The aim of the research is the development of innovative MPC solutions for the problems of the real world. Interested candidates should send a letter of motivation transcript of records (for Ph. The first application deadline is the 1. DESIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE PhD in Applied mathematics or equivalent Strong interest in secure and efficient cryptographic implementations experience in the development of prototypes in the scientific environment, Highly motivated and willing to learn new technology Demonstrates the potential to excel in collaborative research spanning multiple areas of research, which is Prior to experience in the embedded software or hardware design a plus-point. D. applicants) a research statement (for postdoc applicants), a list of publications, a curriculum vitae, contact information for two references to matteo.maffei (at) In particular, we are looking for candidates skills Protocol work in the area of real-world cryptography problems applied to wireless and mobile technologies, including interests, for the experimental open-source-software-defined-radio. With a strong desire to work on problems, which is expected with real impact and commercial value, the candidate will lead high quality applied research in close collaboration with a team of security domain experts. They include the provisions of the social security in accordance with existing national Spanish legislation, and in particular, access to quality health care. (Highly motivated, independent and resourceful team player, rich in thinking, good analytical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills) admission requirements: 1. machine learning) in the arena of the safe calculation. To take account of the March 2018: applications that get you full, but positions are continuously filled in later.

Security - Rambus Data Faster Safer

D. Candidates have a thorough knowledge of the state-of-the-art research in this area and with the width of knowledge of the current issues and recent technological advances are expected. As such, the recipient of this scholarship will have to be appropriately security cleared, NCSC, before you start your Promotion. GENERAL INFORMATION: This NCSC-funded PhD scholarships provide funding for 3.5 years and starts Oct 2018. Applications, written in English, should be submitted by e-mail, and are considered upon receipt, therefore the application is recommended before the expiry of the period of time in the future. We expect the candidate to commit themselves, not only theoretical-the centre of the research, but also some level of implementation. It is an ideal work environment that combines the best aspects of both a research centre and a University Department.. candidates on an excellent performance. We encrypted the commercialization of computing technologies that address pressing unmet needs in the market, with the help of techniques, including Homo morph encryption, secure multi-party computation, and more. You will work with a team of researchers and developers from academia and industry on the Open Quantum safe project, they will support you in the Integration of new post-quantum cryptographic algorithms in the libOQS open-source library, the design and implementation of techniques for the evaluation and benchmarking of cryptographic algorithms in a variety of contexts. Finally, an extension of the concept to a whole system has been considered, to jointly protect the back of several chips. Some improvements in the design and structure of the shield have been identified, in order to attack it even harder. Postdoctoral applicants are expected to have an excellent publication record, while Ph. The publication of research work focus on international journals-and security-to see conferences such as the following. Accepted candidates will receive competitive fellowships, including a waiver of tuition and fees, housing, monthly stipend, computer, travel, etc. objective of the scholarship is to determine just how much computing power is needed, in order to recover effectively, a key with DPA-you need to explore computationally intensive distinguishing characteristics, the reduction of the costs for the enumeration phase. The successful candidate will participate in the activities of the security and trustworthiness of Software systems (SaToSS) research group ( ), under the direction of Prof

Security - Rambus Data Faster Safer

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D. Even if the data is encrypted end-to-end analysis of the meta-data can still violate the privacy of, for example, reveal who is who. Cloudflare protects and accelerates any Internet application online, without the need for additional hardware, Installation of software or changing a line of code. We are looking for a talent for cryptography, and distributed systems engineer to work on various aspects of the core IoTeX blockchain technologies, with a focus on the development, analysis and implementation of innovative and efficient cryptographic algorithms and protocols to improve the scalability, security, and privacy of the existing blockchain methods and pave the way for the secure a broad range of Internet of things (IoT) applications with IoTex block chains.

  • The scope of the project includes all of the logical principles, through the development of tools, the verification of the real-world quantum protocols.
  • We welcome applications from candidates who have completed a Ph.

May 2018. Matteo Maffei ( matteo.maffei (at) ) 1. The Department of Mathematical Sciences at NTU invites applications for a position at the rank of Assistant Professor in mathematics. Prof. Successful candidates will help to design and evaluate the improvement of data protection, cryptographic techniques for the block chains (i.e., SNARKs), and other research tasks to help with the project, the cooperation with partners and ensure the smooth administration of the project, including the timely delivery of the research results.. The first appointment will last until the end of this year(2018), but the renewables are dependent on the availability of funds and the performance of the candidate(not more than 2 to 3 years). Starting as a Postdoc or PhD work on privacy and anonymity, zero-knowledge and multi-party computation. degree in computer science, or mathematics by may 2018. These should be sent in digital Form (a single pdf-file) at Univ.

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