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  1. Command-line arguments, Note that Phoenix miner supports most of the options in the command line of Claymore dual Ethereum miner as you would with the same command line options as the one you used with Claymore’s miner.
  2. We are planning a Linux version in the future, but it may take some time.
  3. 5.
  4. Phoenix miner requires Windows-x64 (Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.).
  5. To resolve this problem, use the -cdmport command-line option to change the CDM-remote-port-in form to their default value.
  6. Q005: Why is reported, the proportion of obsolete stock of Phoenix miner smaller than the by the pool.
  7. The interactive commands listed at the end of the following section.
  8. 3.
  9. CS-coins are now trading below yesterday’s prices 0.00006 CS \\\\ ETH and on the price chart, you can see a trading range from 0.000055 – 0.000062 CS \\\\ of the ETH, in which the price is likely to hold the time and can open investors ‘ positions to buy.

The advantages of the use of config.txt and epools.txt files are: – If you have multiple rigs, you will have to copy and paste, you can use all of the settings with one of these files, If you want to control your rigs with the remote control you can change the pools and even the miner options by uploading new epools.txt files on the machine, or by uploading new config.txt file and restart the miner. To check whether your rig would be stable during DAG generation, run it in benchmark mode, by the indication of the length 170 command-line option. A: Yes, but make sure that each GPU is limited by a single miner (use the-GPU-amd or nvidia-command-line-options, the GPUs, the given instance of the Phoenix miner is actually used). You can also specify if you want a secure VPN connection and bind the CDM-port-cdmpass the CDM remote monitoring, password-Mining-options: -amd only AMD cards and nvidia, only Nvidia cards gpus only Use the specified GPU (if you have more than 10, separate the indices with a comma) -mi-Set mining-intensity (from 0 to 12; 10 is the default) -gt, the GPU tuning parameters (8-400). Remote monitoring and management Phoenix miner is fully compatible with the Claymore ‘ s dual-miner-Protocol for remote monitoring and management.. For best results, use the latest drivers from AMD: 18.1.1 or 18.2.1, where most of the bugs are fixed.

The Hardware control options, Here are some important notes about the hardware, control options. This option only works on AMD-to prevent cards -altinit alternative method to initialize the AMD cards that startup-crashes-wdog Enable watchdog timer: 1 – Yes, 0 – no (1) is the default setting.

  1. Press the \\\” h \\\” while the miner console window has the keyboard focus to the list of available commands..
  2. In the ideal case the obsolete stock should be minimal, because of the same pool be no reward for obsolete stock, and also this, the reward stable stock, is only partially a reward for these shares.
  3. Remote control options: -cdm-determines the degree of support of the CDM-remote monitoring: 0: disabled 1: read-only this is the Standard 2: full (use only on secure connections) -cdmport Insert the CDM-remote monitoring port (default is 3333).

In the first versions of the Phoenix miner, we focused on the basic features and the mining speed, but we are now going to use our miner easier and faster. Enter different values for each map like this (separated with comma): -cvddc 1100,1100,1150,1120,1090, If the specified value is smaller than the number of GPUs, the rest of the GPUs you are using the default values. 6. There is an additional latency in the pool itself, and in the network connection, the a stock stall, even if it technically was before the end of the block from the miner’s point of view. We work much more efficient and secure remote monitoring and control of the functionality and the control center application, which allow a better control of your remote-or local-rigs and some of the unique features you will increase your mining profits.

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Another possible problem is that all the instances use the default-CDM-remote-port 3333, which prevent the correct remote control for all but the first instance. This idea is confirmed by the number of buy-limits of the great commandments on the KuCoin exchange. Then each time you press the button ‘d’ the miner will see in the next DAG era, and you will be able to, whether it is stable, while a number of DAG-generations. This statistic is meaningless, in the first hours after the miner is started and the real value with time. How pools, the only reports that the shares will be accepted or rejected, there is no way for the miner to determine, of the obsolete stocks from the pool view.. P004: I can’t see some of my cards (or the fan-speed and temperature) when using Windows Remote Desktop (RDP). S: there is a (convoluted) workaround, the best solution is to avoid Windows 10 for these cards is the use of Windows 7. CREDITS. The newsletter talks about the level of 9,210.00, which is a strong support level and if the price does not gain a foothold above, then the probability that bitcoin decline increases to the level of 5 922,00. Please note that Phoenix miner tested extensively on many mining rigs, but this is the first public release and there are still some bugs. Also, make sure that all lines starting comments with setx (i.e., it does not begin with the REM command). It is worth noting that the 9.000.00 strong support level, and if the price goes lower, then it is likely to reduce the bitcoin. This number should be in the vicinity of the average hashrate of your system (usually a 2-4% lower than), depending on your current luck in finding shares S: GTX970 has enough VRAM for larger DAGs, but his hashate to exceed when the DAG starts size is 2 GB or so. If you run PhoenixMiner.exe without options, the search for the file config.txt in the current directory and the command-line options. On the other hand, a high mining speed, we need to keep the GPUs busy, so we can’t switch the current print job

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