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Linomas Webinars - IT Management Software Solutions

Linomas Webinars - IT Management Software Solutions

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If you believe that nothing is more important on your server to the IFS, is saved think again, because it is a channel to many things, including the operating system and all your application libraries and files. You will also see a demonstration of the crypto-Complete and how it can help with HIPAA compliance requirements. Carol and Tim discuss: – advantages for the security administrator with the use of ACS (IBM i Access) Other security considerations in the use of ACS – the Recent development of ACS nothing to do with safety. In just 30 minutes, will show the work of our experts, such as AppDev teams, the advantage of the robot automated operations on IBM i and, moreover, so that you can: – stop programming for multi-platform job-and file-event-dependencies – to Stop fighting with the wrong parameters to fit values-questions Stop, where a process in a daily, weekly or monthly cycles Stop, the on-call headaches, the fire-fighting and the lack of progress in the cycle – before you Go give your AppDev team to increase productivity. Organizations around the world rely on Crypto Complete to help secure confidential data on the IBM i (iSeries), as well as data from distributed systems, both from external hackers and unauthorized internal users. If your boss or your company just threw it in the IBM i environment, you can make up the operations creek without a paddle. He also shows you how to use the commands to convert from PDM or SEU, and to create auto-nesting indented free-form logic for readability. Find out what is ACS and what are the safety issues you should keep in mind during the initial deployment and configuration of ACS. Debbie is recognized worldwide as an expert on IBM i backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and high availability.. Most importantly, as you read, you will learn why true HA and DR protection are now within the reach of even the smallest of companies

Authority collection offers companies and providers with the ability to know exactly what authority is required to perform a task, eliminating the guesswork. Take 30 minutes to learn, the possibilities for automation of your business process flow and how they fit in your data center, the processing, including the cases of: – Complex or iterative events – event-driven dependencies – Multi-platform-dependencies Dynamically calculated parameters – exception-notification – SAP and Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integration, How do I know that business process automation is effective. In this recorded webinar will show how the access of the robot-audit-data on the graphical and 5250 interface and generate reports automatically for distribution. View this webinar, where chief architect Bob Luebbe and his development team, the challenges of ad hoc file transfers to discuss in today’s business world, and then demonstrate how GoAnywhere provides a reliable and secure solution. Linoma the new Version of the RPG Toolbox 5.0 makes it easy for IBM i programmers in the modernization of your RPG source, fully free-form syntax. Crypto Complete can then automatically the values of the field to encrypt on an ongoing basis as new records are added, if existing field values are changed.

  1. Encryption is critical for the protection of confidential data and compliance with legal regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and state privacy laws.
  2. Carol Woodbury, President of SkyView partners, has written, a white paper describes how you can use the application Administration (a function of the I-Navigator), access to a variety of client functions as well as functions available on the IBM i and network features such as ODBC and FTP access.

VIOS can help you to realize real business value by reducing IT spending and to grow to add flexibility and to shrink the resources, data center requirements through virtualization in IBM Power Systems-stands. At the same time, the need to support the Department, a complex set of servers and devices across your network. IBM i audit journal is often so great and incomprehensible, that most IT staff struggle to review the logged activities. Encryption is an important layer that protects your business in front of one of the most devastating consequences of a breach of data protection.. Unlike many Windows-and Linux-server implementations that can host IBM i is a complex mix of back-office applications, web applications and open-source applications and services, leaving millions of security-relevant events to monitor actively. Watch this on-demand webinar, you will learn how Halcyon has modernized, this critical level of support through the introduction of mobile applications for IBM i monitoring. In addition, you will learn how to address the modernization throughout the enterprise, including databases and legacy source code, with profound logic.

Linomas Webinars - IT Management Software Solutions

The challenge is how the Association of the General PCI requirements to a specific platform, such as IBM i. Encryption and decryption of data, to completely make use of Crypto Complete is checked, the user id, date, time, job log information, and key. The key can either reside on the same IBM i system or partition or the data managed and stored on another system or partition. ON-PREMISE? – COMPREHENSIVE CHECK – list of RISK-calculation of the COSTS, BUSINESS CASE FRAMEWORK – DR-SOLUTIONS-OVERVIEW – RFP BUILDER Download your free copy of the DR strategy Guide for IBM i today.

  1. Preview print on the screen.
  2. – Due to the via distribute E-Mail, fax, or PDF.
  3. – Integration with their current applications in minutes.
  4. – Create Invoices, Statements Of Account, Cheques.
  5. Many IBM i shops today are realizing that the Integration of your IBM i with mobile applications is the fast track to improved business processes, better customers relations, and more responsive business reporting..

In this on-demand webinar, Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect for Linoma Software, will show you how the encryption: Protects sensitive data at rest and in motion – limits of exposure, caused by a cyberattack – Makes HIPAA compliance easier – Can be surprisingly easy to implement. – Native System i, Windows, AIX, Linux. – Set of dynamic rules, the Transformation-output-on-the-fly. support Why 5 different products, if you can do it all with mark of magic? – Drive over 450 different printer types. But, PCI applies to multiple platforms. Automatic backups, data encryption, media management, robot automates the routine (yet often complex) tasks of iSeries backup and recovery, you save time and money and make the process safer and more reliable.

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