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The only reason not to do it, just because some people you find easy to use, beautiful Miner GUI and easier to enjoy, if your earnings estimates and hashrate in the dashboard. There is a way to just force me a coin, and if I want to switch to another coin later, I’m going to manage me.

  • A lot of people just use Awesome Miner, you can manage your GPU mining and then run XMRIG in addition to him to my crypto night with your CPU.
  • But if I right-click and tell you to start the miner, I get the following error message \\\”error during the start of the mining process,\\\”.
  • Most likely, you will be directed to a page on Bitfinex, where you will receive a confirmation number that you must enter to confirm the withdrawal.
  • For example, if you lift with a VTC-like your car-exchange-coin, and you have auto-setup, you can select the address that you withdraw.
  • For your Worker name, enter your user name followed by \\\”.1\\\” so, if your user name is in the joeblow then give \\\”joeblow.1\\\”, then select your region.
  • Once this happens, you can go to your balances page on the Mining Pool Hub-site and see if your Auto Exchange coin shows a balance.
  • Just be sure that your user name is correct (the worker not so much), so you get credit for what you mean.
  • The guide was deleted in the meantime Nicehash is reddit, the moderators, because everyone was to discover what I have discovered.
  • Record, save it as a a.txt file and place it on a jump drive, print it out, do what you have to do, but at the same time, keep it safe.
  • If you would like to do the same, I have a written guide to the use of palginmod with awesome miner ) have profit as Nicehash.
  • You can go, Awesome Miner options, profit profiles, select edit profile for your device, and then select the algorithms you want to use..

I understand that zpool requires a minimal amount, but if the system is seriously harder, it has more glitch to this discrepancy as an estimate only. A nit: you don’t have to (and should not) manually enter the \\\”.1\\\” in the \\\”worker-name\\\” input field, but use the \\\”Add to the end of the worker name\\\” checkbox or what is also called it.

Crypto best cryptocurrency wallet for iota Official

You will be sure that you Awesome miner, as well as C:\\\\Users\\\\(YOUR WINDOWS user name)\\\\AppData\\\\Local\\\\awesome miner, have been excluded, because this is where the actual miner executable files are stored. I had to sleep 7 hours and I have no idea how long the machine is run, before it stopped by itself. After tweaking a few things, and switch the Standard ccminer to palginmod I see closer to 25% more than I do with Nicehash.. Bitfinex has announced that they will continue to increase restrictions on US accounts so now is a good time to move your IOTA of Bitfinex to a IOTA wallet. The most common rate per day so far is about 4-7 dollars, and even that is double or triple pre-payment estimates, the I of Nicehash, which were totally correct. I found the Awesome miner FAQ that \\\”Some security software and anti-virus software prevent this operation and simply remove the downloaded software products.\\\” However, I have a exclusion for this folder in my security software and tried also the completion of the security software for a couple of minutes off, easy to fix. So, I logged into my KT account and went to Hub-worker in the menu and specific algorithms for each worker (since I have a different worker for each device). So your Bitcoin balance on your MPH account, and it will remain stored on your MPH account, until you revoke or up to your auto-withdraw threshold is build reached

Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub Setup Guide

The problem is that without the Awesome miner application from your anti-virus, but the real mountain people are you what is blocked and they are stored in a different directory. Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub seems to earn about 10% more 25% more (I see since you changed some of the settings and replaced the pre-packed ccminer, even more profits. You may also receive an E-Mail from Bitfinex with a different link, you need to follow in order to re-confirm the transaction. One thing that I have done, the more interesting, perhaps, is that I was sometimes noticed Awesome Miner-mining algorithms, which were not nearly so profitable as others.

  • So if you want both mountain people statistics to be combined, then you use the name worker-name (i.e.
  • Pls can you tell me where I can find my BTC that were echanged from other coins.
  • I have them in \\\”exchange\\\”, but, unfortunately, I don’t see you, after you disappeared in the list.

Check out step 9 in my guide, where I talk about the Override Pool settings step, to ensure that the removal of your MPH account properly. I will report more knowledge after 24 hours (I will) if I really am, more than I was with NH, but now it seems about the same. You can either come up with a on their own by creating a string of 81 random characters with the number 9 mixed in somewhere. user name.1) but if you want your stats separately, then you use different names for each. I know the new miner, since after the re-install, it opens and asks me about a new miner instead of on the \\\”new miner\\\”.. It 0 says.

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