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Note: although this improvement means that the black moon is no longer applicable, transaction fees, it is not excluded that the transaction fees charged to the Ethereum network. Reward payments to the first registered BMC wallet address registered. Analyst lead the analysis of the financial results of the Fund performance comparisons with peers, evaluated market opportunities, and to assess the team and the investment strategy. On the upper side of the creation of white papers and information for the web interfaces, the team also reviews the investment policy and the track record of the Fund. Consultants work in close cooperation with the Fund manager and the black moon-platform and agree to the rules and KPIs. It will certainly cause attract many investors, factors such as originality, partnership, visibility, marketing, and flexibility are fundamental for the investors. The second Fund to provide token-holder, the allocation to a highly liquid exchange-traded fund that follows the US stock market capitalization. In addition analyst, create, research and reports, based on the publicly available documents of the Fund in question, as well as all the other data that the analyst has legal access to. K. Fund managers are expected to manage a proven track record in investment management and a professional investment team of the Fund. Yes, it is definitely revolutionized the industry and the one-stop-solution for asset investor to create and manage Token-Fund. Black moon Crypto offers a vision for the standard for Token-investment vehicles, the universes, the gap between fiat and crypto. Continuous contributors can receive your BMC Token in the special Depot-wallets in connection with your accounts, deposited their share of the revenue in relation to the height of the BMCs, by the Continuous contribution to the sum of the paid-in BMCs. The goal of the Community Manager is the answer to the questions of potential investors and the current token-holder. Payments (premiums) for the continuous contribution: All payments, regardless of the role in BMCs and not in the Asset-Token (f. Fund-Token). The payments to the Continuous contributors in the detail: If the asset token (ATx) is created (bought by investors) or redeemed (destroyed), the platform that the Commission uses to buy through these actions BMCs in the primary market, and you can use it to reward the CC-participant is structured in such a way. Redemption fee All investors in a Fund, redeem your asset Token is a fee for this type of operation.

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February 2018, The beginning of the first quarter was anything but boring here at the black moon. Prior to joining black moon, Nicole worked in a law firm in Cyprus, where you will be issued experience in the preparation and review of contracts and dealing with multiple legal, in various countries around the world. Feb 16 Black Moon. Sources of revenue for the Continuous contributors (CC): It is not longer a) transaction fees and b) fees for the maintenance, as announced earlier. Monthly Digest. This is the containment of the transfer of the proceeds to the stock exchanges, holders that do not contribute to the platform in the operational way, or other independent parties. Public organizers use social media channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk) to promote and awareness of the Fund that is selected by the following rules defined by the black moon team, and the fulfillment of the KPIs. For example, if you completed a particular Fund, the crowdfunding Phase, the role of the promoter may not be required.. CCs the option to convert accrued BMCs at the ETH about Bancor will log in to their accounts directly. This section relates to the theme and gives a detailed explanation of how the revised fee structure has improved, the reward system for the participants of the Ongoing contribution program. All in all, the team is super busy polishing of all materials and the legal structure, roll-out keeps these funds in the first wave of the Fund on the platform. New partners in the platform structure are Great news when it comes to the development of the secondary market-structure; Last month, our COO, Sergey wassin an agreement to comply with advantage secured the official AML-partner

Read on to learn more, but for now, as usual, we begin with an overview of all the important development updates. The Fund Manager does not invest in different assets, although with different strategies in a Fund is permissible. FTx-Fund or Token). In reality, the benefits, the life, the continuous contributors \”as is\”, because NOW you need not worry about repayments of numerous fractional-asset-token (ATx-f. k. This is a unique opportunity, not only for the crypto-investors, but also for those who usually have access to fiat-based Fund, such asset manager that provides its investors with unmatched diversification opportunities thanks to the low correlation with the cycles of the market, rigorous underwriting rules and a short duration.. As we have mentioned from the beginning in the depth of due diligence is an important part of the onboarding process for the Fund. Consultant to perform various activities contribution to the Fund depending on their professional background. It is important to remember that black moon is embedded in its platform-structure of top-tier brokerage firms in the future, the access to the tokenization of ETFs and other, similar in character to Fund. Comply advanage is a renowned company made of a team of compliance and risk experts, as well as engineers and scientists data. a

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